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Lucy in the Sky

Extraterrestrial and damn proud of it!

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Codename: Lucy in the Sky
Real Name: Karolina Dean
Player: burningpainting

Physical Description: Tall gorgeous blondes are a dime a dozen in LA, so Karolina’s trademark tanktops, hiphuggers and armsocks are really her only distinguishing features while masquerading as a human. In her ‘Lucy’ form, however, she’s like the aurora borealis given human shape. She wears a Med Alert bracelet (supposedly for a penecillin allergy) made of some material that shuts down her glow, making her appear only human again.

Personality: Karolina’s usually a bright, outgoing, social person. But the sudden discovery of her parents’ true motives and race shook her up pretty badly. As a teenager she was often unsure of herself, lost in the middle of something that might be called an identity crisis. Not only had she, like the other Runaways, lost the world and family she knew, but she’d also discovered she wasn't even human...and interested in girls, to boot. The crisis reached some kind of resolution when she returned to her home world of Majesdane. Karolina is much more comfortable and confidant when she isn't pretending to be human, but as soon as the bracelet goes on she starts secondguessing herself again. Karolina’s more of a follower than a leader; she does best when someone else comes up with a plan for her to stick to.

Powers/Abilities/Weapons: Figuring out her alien abilities has been a matter of trial and error. Majesdanians are a solar-powered race. Her body soaks up sunlight (even with the inhibitor bracelet on) and converts it into energy, which she can fire in concentrated lasers or widespread blasts. She can also manipulate it to bind or brace things. Her favorite part about not being human is the flying.

On a curious biological sidenote, Karolina's blood seems to be distilled sunlight. In their early days underground, the Runaways had an encounter with a vampire named Topher. He spontaneously combusted after biting Karolina. Her multicolored energy glow may also be harmful to vamps when cranked up on High.

History: Karolina’s parents, Frank and Leslie Dean, were famous movie stars. They took every precaution to keep their daughter and their private life shielded from tabloids and paparazzi, so she grew up fairly sheltered. She was completely unaware of her parents' dual lives as members of The Pride, the criminal ring that controlled virtually every aspect of LA (how else to explain the lack of West Coast Marvel superheroes?)

Her childhood was normal, aside from the occasional sit-in, protest, or picket line. She went to a very small, all-girls private school, and did well in academics, though she’s never liked sports. About the time her friends were beginning to date, Karolina realized she was mostly apathetic about the opposite sex (general aesthetics aside). She caught herself peeking in the locker room, once, and had a silent freakout about it. Cue a few years of denial.

Thanks to her parents’ profession, she’s gotten to travel around the world and see a lot of places and things most people never get to see. The Deans were also vegans, also though has more to do with their alien biology than with moral or health issues; Majesdanians can't process meat proteins.

After the events that brought about the Pride’s downfall, Karolina ended up in foster care. Losing her parents was bad enough, but she couldn’t stand losing her new family, so she contacted the others and organized a meeting that lead to the five of them running away again. They tried to make up for what their parents have done, and the damage they inadvertently caused by royally fucking up the hierarchy of criminal power in LA. But though dead, her parents still managed to complicate her life. They'd arranged for her to marry a Skrull as a sign of good faith. Xavin, her betrothed, took her back to her parents' home planet of Majesdane, hoping to end a war that had been raging between the two races for a generation.

Disclaimer: Karolina Dean is the property of Marvel Comics and, quite possibly, Brian K. Vaughan. This journal is for internet madness, not profit.